22 march 2023

learning right now about how taboo can change a language so profoundly. the numbers in eyak, for example, have been replaced maybe two or three times. gonna do some research on this this summer. wondering if there are languages out there where a bulk of their vocabulary was morphed beyond comprehension/could be traced back in this way. I anticipate the issue to be documentation: most of the languages I know that do this kind of stuff lack a long written tradition which makes tracing lexical change nigh impossible.

in other news, I've been really loving mr. brown iced coffee lately-- the taiwanese canned coffee. I'm drinking the macadamia nut flavor right now. the chocolate one remains my favorite, though. I'm notoriously an iced mocha connoisseur.

yiddish progress is slower lately, I'm studying every day but there is that A2/B1 hurdle in the way that language teachers and learners attest to often. the only way through it is to brute-force it, especially as an adult language learner. my reading is fluid now though, so that's no longer as much of a boundary to picking up new vocabulary as it once was. I need a little book to just write my vocab in, I think. not gonna let the B1 slump take all my steam like I did with French though >:3