.:*~*:. 10 January: Snoozed my alarm. .:*~*:

Delicate pads.
Velour pillows.
Toes of pink suede.
tap, tap, tap
I mumble something. The patting abates.
poke                    poke.
I shuffle my linens and turn around.
The time dilation in my semi-conscious mind makes it impossible to determine 
how long I've been in this position, before—
thud on the back of my head. I can feel the soft tufts of fur between your toes.
A wet strawberry caresses my ear. rrrrrrrrrrrrr
What time is it? With one eye open I can just make out that the sun has started to ambiently light the horizon.
The rumble persists. as my eyelids droop yet again, the strawberry, gingerly, is nudging my hand. 
But ginger can get spicy! Yow! My eyes snap open as my thumb receives a playful nip. 
Like pins and needles, all sensations are augmented when one is sleepy in bed.
Eventually, I settle.
And later, when the first spires of sunlight dare to gently raise my eyelids, 
the first thing I see is the peaceful rise and fall of your chest, your chin tucked sweetly, 
and five little beans perched just atop the back of my outstretched hand as you succumb to sleep.